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Monetizing your podcast has never been easier. Join our non-exclusive Creator Network and discover why Zencastr is the ultimate platform to create, publish, and earn money on your own terms.
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Creating and monetizing your podcast has never been simpler. Join our non-exclusive Creator Network and discover why Zencastr is the ultimate platform for content creation, publishing, and earning money on your own terms.


So Many Ways to Make 💸

Explore a wide range of ad programs with the flexibility to choose which fit your show. Whether you're looking for your first opportunity or new ones to meet your goals, we've got you covered. We welcome creators of all sizes and from any location worldwide.

Ambassador Ads

Earn affiliate revenue by promoting Zencastr or other partner brands.

Everyone! It’s non-exclusive.



Ambassador Ads

Earn affiliate revenue by promoting Zencastr or other partner brands.

Everyone! It’s non-exclusive.



Programmatic Ads

Opt-in to Zencastr’s Ad Marketplace and earn revenue serving third party brand safe ads on unfilled ad slots. Ads are inserted into host confirmed ad slots.

Zencastr hosted


Worldwide - Invite Only apply

Host-Read Sponsorships

Opt-in to being contacted by Zencastr campaign managers to participate in paid host-read brand ads.

Everyone! It’s non-exclusive.



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Work with 😎 Brands

 Focus on content creation and let our sales team find the best partnerships for your show. Zencastr’s AI matches you to advertisers and opportunities that align with your story. Manage all offers directly from your dashboard. 
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See how our creators are monetizing with Zencastr.
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The coffee & cases Podcast
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See how our creators are monetizing their show with Zencastr.

See how our creators are monetizing their show with Zencastr.

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Join the Creator Network to unlock access to our full-suite Creator+ plan. Get even more tools to record, produce, host, and distribute your podcast for free and make money. 

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Connecting your podcast syncs your show to Zencastr and will not impact your current podcast availability. Your podcast will continue to be served from your host provider, without any delays and noticeable differences from your listeners. For a how-to, watch this video.

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Once your show is connected, an application form will pop up, from here you can opt-in to flexible monetization programs.

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Ad Programs

Discover an ad program that fits your show, mix it up when you’re between seasons or try a new opportunity that fits your current goals. We welcome creators of all sizes, and across any location worldwide to join.
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What is Zencastr’s Creator Network?

Zencastr’s Creator Network is a non-exclusive network where you can explore opportunities that fit your show. It’s free to join, and you have the control to opt into whichever ad program you see fit. To get started, join here.

If I already use Zencastr, am I automatically part of the Creator Network?

If you’re a new or longtime user of Zencastr you are not automatically part of ZCN. If you’re interested and ready for monetization, join here.

Do I have to be hosted on Zencastr to join the Creator Network?

You can stay with your current host provider and still join the Creator Network to receive Ambassador Ad and Host-Read Sponsorship opportunities. To unlock all offers in these programs if you are hosting elsewhere, it is recommended to apply our custom pixel prefix as some campaigns require tracking. More information here. If you’d like to participate in our Programmatic Ads program, your podcast needs to be hosted on Zencastr. 

Does connecting my show change my hosting to Zencastr?

No, connecting your show simply copies it and syncs it to Zencastr, but it doesn’t change your hosting provider and won’t affect your podcast availability or audience. Connecting your show is required to join ZCN because this enables us to send you offers, generate unique promo codes, and allows you to mark your ads so that your advertising partners can listen to your beautifully-crafted ad read. If you’re interested in switching to Zencastr hosting, see the resource guide here

Do I need to be on a specific plan to be part of the Creator Network?

Users on any subscription plan, free or paid, can be part of ZCN. Join here.

How is the Creator+ plan related to the Creator Network?

Creator+ is a free subscription plan with more features than our base Free plan. It is only available for creators who are monetizing with ZCN as this is an important element that allows us to provide the premium plan features for free. For an overview of what’s included and to apply to the plan, see our pricing page

How do you put ads on my podcast?

The Ambassador and Host-Read Sponsorship programs are host-read ad scripts. You can put the ads in your episodes via “baked-in” or dynamic insertion, depending on your host provider. If you host with Zencastr and opt into Programmatic ads, you’ll be in the driver seat to confirm which ad slots you want ads to be automatically placed.

When will I receive ad offers?

Immediately after you join ZCN, and you’re matched with a first offer that you can accept or reject in your dashboard.

What are the commitment levels? 

As much as you’d like! The kickback for Ambassador ads can be pretty great. Watch our happy creator testimonials here.

When do I get paid?

Depending on the ad program, expect payouts to be sent Net 30 days post earning.

Can I still run ads I secured on my own?

Yes, feel free to continue running any ads you secured out of Zencastr offers.